Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Party at Home - Things to think about 2 months before the big day!

Planning the Party
  • Think about which room / rooms to use in the house and if you have the space! Parents and brothers and sisters often stay on at the party so you may have more guests than you planned!
  • How many children are going to be invited? Plan the room accordingly and add a plus one for the mums!
  • Does your child have a favourite character or hobby on which to base a theme on?
  • If you are planning an outdoor summer party in the garden, do you have cover if the weather changes?
  • Pets. They may be the soppiest animal on the planet but some children will be scared of cats and dogs! Plus loud noises are not ideal for your animal so you may want to think about putting them in a separate room or leaving them with a trusted friend.
  • Are you planning on hiring an entertainer or a bouncy castle? If so now is the time to book!

  • Confirm names and numbers of guests
  • Include an RSVP on the invite with a contact name, telephone and date you need to reply by.  Always include directions to your house and any key features to look out for!
  • Include clear start and finishing times
  • Parking instructions are a must.
  • Include the theme of the party on the invitation and if children should wear fancy dress or old clothes if there are going to be messy crafts and games!

  • Are you going to be serving a meal at the party, or nibbles and snacks? 
  • Where will the guests be eating their meal?  If space is an issue, a buffet table and floor space will suffice for children, or plan for a table and chairs.
  • Don't forget to think about how many chairs and tables you will need for lots of guests!
  • Decide if you are going to use an outside caterer.  If so, two months before the party is a good time to book to ensure you get a good caterer!
  • Remember to get some adult friendly snacks for the mums and dads!

  • If you are getting a custom made birthday cake start thinking of what kind of design your child would like and do some research!  Ask bakers for some previous examples and book well ahead of time.

Read my blog tomorrow for some tips on a venue at home to think about 2 - 3 weeks before the big day!!

Thanks for reading :)

Once Upon A Time Parties xx