Sunday, 13 July 2014

Frozen Themed Parties

The latest Disney animation Frozen has been snowballed into our lives becoming a  huge hit with children of all ages that is impossible to ignore!  Frozen awakens children’s imaginations with the icy Queen Elsa, quirky Princess Anna, the perfect Kristoff, a talking and rather camp snowman called Olaf and a blizzardous Kingdom called Arundel – not to mention the seriously catchy songs that are being played everywhere!

Since this film has come out, I have been inundated with Frozen party requests and have thoroughly enjoyed being Queen Elsa and Princess Anna at lots of lovely children’s Birthday Parties in London, Hampshire and Surrey.  From being to so many Frozen themed parties I would say that I have become a bit of an expert on the good, the bad and the ugly of the theme to help out all my lovely readers if your little ones are hoping for a Frozen Party this year.

Lets start with the Ugly…  Recently I turned up at a client’s house early to discover that the children were going to be doing a real life Snowman Making Competition and they had filled some sand boxes with imported snow! Excellent idea if you live in a very cold climate but this was at a garden party in May… Needless to say, by the time the children had arrived there were several paddling pools and even Queen Elsa could not turn water into snow on this occasion!

The Bad:
Most of the time my clients do an excellent job of decorating the venue but on one occasion I turned up to a party at a very stately home with taxidermy reindeer.  The children believed they were very realistic stuffed toys until the Birthday girl proudly explained in detail what they really were! Needless to say there were several freaked out children. My suggestion? Leave taxidermy out of children’s party decorations!

The Good:
Every party I go to has a lot of great decoration ideas and are all different so I could give a very long list of suggestions! However I have cherry-picked a few ideas that I thought were fab and also very simple.  One party I went to had made a lot of effort making beautiful cardboard snowflakes (the simple ones everyone can make!) covered in glitters.  There were literally hundreds over the wall and hanging from the ceiling to make the venue look like a Winter Wonderland.  At the end of the party I mentioned to the Mum how much I liked the decorations and she explained how she had cut them out with the help of her family and children and let the little ones decorate them with glitter and sequins.  They had a great time together making the snowflakes and the little Birthday girl was super excited to show off her creativity on the big day!

Another simple suggestion is to change the colour of your light bulbs to a blue and add sparkly lights across the venue, or wrapping the lights around bushes and trees in the garden.  This gives a really magical feel to the party and is so simple. Most people  have lights stored away from Christmas time so you should be able to get your hands on some for free!

I will be writing about exciting games and giving step by step guides to hosting an amazing Frozen Party in my next blog!

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