Monday, 5 August 2013

Easy Party Game!

What do children and magpies have in common?

They LOVE shiny things! Be it jewellery, sparkly lights, christmas decorations or glitter, one thing is for sure, anything that shines is a winner.

So what more could they want for a party game than glittery shiny shapes!?  Not only are these shiny shapes super cheap and available from craft shops, art stores and online, the little sequins are actually incredibly versatile and can keep the children entertained for hours!

Here are my top tips for incorporating these sequins into your child's Birthday party:

1) Remember my earlier post when I discussed the importance of having a theme? Well sequins can really add to that. Describe them to the children as fairy dust or princess sparkles, or if you are having a pirate party the shiny shapes can become the treasure or they can even be a superhero's secret power!

2) I like to use my shiny shapes at the beginning of the party.  Tell the children you have some magic on you and show them the shiny shapes (extra points if you make a special pouch to hold them in!) and sprinkle a few into each of their hands.  When all the children have the sequins in their hands, say a simple 'spell' all together and throw them up in the air at the same time.

3) When all the shapes are on the floor, start a dancing game where each time the music stops, the first child to bring you, for example, 3 blue shapes is the winner.

4) An excellent way to clear the shapes up before moving onto another party game is to simply run a contest where whoever has the most shapes and brings them to you first is the winner!

5) To make the Birthday tea more exciting for the children, give each of them a small handful of the shiny shapes to decorate the table before they begin eating.

6) If you decide to break halfway through a party for party food, I would suggest having a non-energetic party game afterwards.  By providing some glue, paper and colouring in pencils, encourage them to use the shiny shapes to stick onto their drawings.  Again, a theme really comes in useful here as  you can tell them to draw a princess, fairy, superhero etc and use the shiny shapes to decorate them.

Thanks for reading!

Emma x