Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Fairy Party - Decorations

Hello Readers!

You have come to the right place for so more fantastically frivolous fancy fairy party ideas!  Today's blog is following on from the all important invitation to home-made decorations that are kid friendly so I hope it gives you some inspiration...

It doesn't have to cost a wing and a wand to create some beautiful decorations for the fairy party theme.  To make the venue look like a fairy kingdom, the first step is to choose a colour theme and stick with it.  Popular colours are pastel pink, lilac and cream and try these ideas:

- Buy ribbon in your chosen colour choice, cut the ribbon into streamers and hang around the venue.  To brighten up the outside area hang them on trees to create a magical effect when the wind blows them softly in the breeze.
- Recycle twinkly lights that you use at Christmas time and decorate your venue with a splash of sparkle
- Should the party fall in Autumn, get your child(ren) to collect leaves that have fallen off trees and spread these around the side of the main space.  Place gems, or other sparkly trinkets onto the leaves to make a magical fairy garden.
- Cut out cardboard shapes into toadstools, trees, castle shapes and stars and paint them to create a fantastic backdrop for the party.  The children will love this task!
- Spread glitter and artificial flowers across the main table
- Use household items such as chintzy cups and saucers and side plates to decorate the table. Add ribbon bows to create a party atmosphere.
- Invest in some bunting - perfect for a fairy party and reusable at lots of events and occasions.  Hang on the table, around a tree, pin to the wall... the choices are endless!
- Or make your own bunting! Follow my tips to create REALLY easy bunting perfect for a boho fairy party:

Easy Bunting

You will need:
 - Thin rope
 - Clothes pegs
 - Photos / flowers / postcards

To do this:

 - Cut a long piece of the thin rope
 - Let your child pick out some pretty postcards, artificial flowers or photos in a fairy theme or of the guests attending the party
 - Using the clothes pegs, attach the materials you choose to the thin rope
 - Use pins or knots to tie or hang the bunting

Top tip: The bunting will look best if the pictures are of a similar size and colour scheme with dashes of colour using flowers.