Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Pirate Party- Food

The food at the party is always looked forward to by the children! The time in which they can stuff their faces with their favourite treats and snacks. However to make your little one's party even more special and memorable, be creative and change the food to make it fit in with the pirate theme! Even if its something simple such as putting little flag skewers into the party sausages, everyone is sure to love it- these are pictured to the right..

The Hot Seadogs!

Secondly, similarly to the sausages and the flag picks, why not re-create a pirate ship from a hot dog and the same sort of idea. Simply use straws to poke through the sausages and cut out 10-15 black cards and stick a pirate sign onto it. As you can see from the picture to the left, it resembles a pirate ship- the kids will certainly be drawn to this tasty treat during the party food! 

The Treasure Chest 
Another idea, to not only add a easy treat to the party, but also a relatively healthy one is this little creative masterpiece! The wooden chest really does fit in with the theme of pirates, and simply fill it with either sweets to resemble treasure or fruit such as strawberries and raspberries! Furthermore decorate marshmallows by drawing pirate faces onto them and decorate with sugar icing to make them look even more spectacular!

If your not feeling too creative, why not buy some salty snacks- Ahoy!
  • ‘Pizzas’ of Eight: let the rascals have fun making or decorating their own pizzas
  • Fish fingers/chicken ‘gold’ nuggets with little buckets of dip
  • Hula hoop gold rings
  • Cherry tomato cannonballs (warning: these may be launched at passing enemy ships…)
  • Sandwiches cut into shark fins, palm trees
  • Crossbones: bake a batch of sticky-glazed ribs in the oven (and provide PLENTY of kitchen paper)
And for the sweet snacks
  • Orange segment ‘boats’ with pirate flags in. Or set jelly in hollow orange halves and slice into segments when set.
  • Skewers of fruit and veg
  • Chocolate coins
  • Chocolate wafer scrolls
  • A hollowed-out watermelon galleon filled with a fruit salad
  • Buried treasure jellies: set little pirate tubs of jelly with fruit goodies or a chocolate coin at the bottom for kids to find
I hope this has given you some inspiration on foods to have at your little'uns pirate party! Be sure to check out more blogs giving you tips about this particular theme